I've been a copywriter for two decades, writing for major international brands alongside startups and sole traders. I've created B2B and B2C copy in just about every sector from, law and finance to education, retail and hospitality. 

Below are some of my favourite copywriting projects. If you'd like samples of my work please get in touch.


Copywriting project to create an entire suite of marketing materials for print and web in line with UCAS Media’s brand guidelines. This included copywriting of over fifty brochures and leaflets aimed at parents, students, sponsors and educational establishments and required a thorough understanding of the requirements of every stakeholder.


  • A year-long project to audit and re-write the ‘tendering library’ for an international leasing company

  • A series of best practice guides and whitepapers for different aspects of the car leasing market

  • Corporate brochure, all products and services for the SME market

  • Articles and press releases for industry magazines to promote a client’s recent research Creative conception and execution of a strategic direct mail campaign to client’s prospects, resulting in a 17.5% response rate, 9% over target.


The client, a major hospitality company, required a full audit of web copy for a premium restaurant brand, Vintage Inns, followed by a series of lifestyle blogs to maximise traffic and SEO.


Copywriting and comms project for a major environmental research centre.

  • A series of academic whitepapers about recent research

  • Case studies for public-facing website

  • Weekly email newsletter

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