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As an animation producer Tracy has created several 'viral' videos including the BAFTA-longlisted 'Tim Minchin's Storm' and the award-winning music video 'Why' by Devin Townsend. She also produces and writes educational animations, particularly in science, and can create animated commercials for online or television. Tracy works with a team of UK-based animators and frequently collaborates with her partner, director/animator DC Turner. Please see the scriptwriting page for more case studies, and use the contact form for more information.

Devin Townsend's Why?

Producer and storyboard consultant for the animated music video 'Why', from prog rock legend Devin Townsend. Animated by DC Turner,

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Chris Hadfield's It's Not Rocket Science

Producer, co-director and script consultant for the pilot episode of an animation starring astronaut Chris Hadfield, with supporting social support including crowdfunding (Patreon) and a major livestreamed event which attracted over 10,000 viewers. As the show is currently in development, the pilot is not available to view online but can be supplied on request.

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Tim Minchin's Storm

Producer and marketing consultant for the Tim Minchin animated short, Storm. The project started life as a beat poem written and performed by Tim Minchin. The animated version, at ten minutes in length, is one of YouTube's biggest animated viral hits with over four million views. Social media support included a microsite, dedicated Facebook and Twitter accounts, and free 'added value' content including wallpapers and behind-the-scenes videos. The animation was BAFTA-longlisted and premiered at Bristol's Animated Encounters, and in 2015 was reimagined as an illustrated book. 

Watch Tim Minchin's Storm


ENCODE: The Story of You

Scriptwriter and producer of a humorous animated short commissioned by Nature Magazine and ENCODE to tell the story of the history of genetics. Animated by DC Turner, narrated by Tim Minchin.

Co-written with Adam Rutherford and Andrew Ellard.

Watch 'ENCODE: The Story of You'

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EUMETSAT: How do we monitor the weather from space?

Scriptwriter and producer for a short animation to promote awareness of meteorological satellites and climate change to children aged 12-16. Funded by the European Meteorological Satellite consortium (EUMETSAT). Animated by DC Turner and voiced by Dr Adam Rutherford.

Watch 'How do we monitor the weather from space?

EUMETSAT: How are weather forecasts made?

Animated by DC Turner and voiced by Konnie Huq.

Watch 'How are weather forecasts made?'

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Producer and scriptwriter of a promotional online advertisement for mobile feedback platform Antenna.

Watch 'What is Antenna?'

Open University

Producer of a series of conceptual illustrations/storyboard to accompany a course on geo-engineering.

The concept was to storyboard a futuristic narrative in which a journalist travels across the world using geo-engineered transport and visits environmentally-friendly cities and farms.

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