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Scriptwriter and producer for season two of the popular STEM podcast 'Nevertheless' for client Storythings, sponsored by Pearson Education.

Listen to episode 'STEM role models'

Listen to episode 'Finding Genius' 

Listen to episode 'Where Art Meets Science'

Scriptwriter and producer for short animations to promote awareness of meteorological satellites, climate change and weather forecasting to children aged 12-16. Funded by the European Meteorological Satellite consortium (EUMETSAT). Animated by DC Turner and voiced by Dr Adam Rutherford and Konnie Huq.

Watch 'How are weather forecasts made?'

Watch 'How do we monitor the weather from space?

Scriptwriter and producer of a humorous animated short commissioned by Nature Magazine and ENCODE to tell the story of the history of genetics. Animated by DC Turner, narrated by Tim Minchin. Co-written with Adam Rutherford and Andrew Ellard


Watch 'ENCODE: The Story of You'

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